Immigration Services, Visa Services of Australia, Canada, Newzealand, UK, USA
Immigration Services, Visa Services of Australia, Canada, Newzealand, UK, USA
Immigration Services, Visa Services of Australia, Canada, Newzealand, UK, USA
Immigration Services, Visa Services of Australia, Canada, Newzealand, UK, USA
New Zealand
Immigration Services, Visa Services of Australia, Canada, Newzealand, UK, USA
Immigration Services, Visa Services of Australia, Canada, Newzealand, UK, USA
Immigration Services, Visa Services of Australia, Canada, Newzealand, UK, USA

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Denmark is one of the European Union's most active members who is trying to recruit skilled workers from around the world. Denmark's immigration policy, similar to the United Kingdom's, Canada’s and Australia’s skilled immigration program, utilizes a points based system called the Danish Green Card to attract skilled workers from outside the European Union. In addition, Denmark has a work permit system called the Job Card Scheme or also called the Pay limit Scheme for people who have a valid job offer from a Danish employer.
The work in Denmark Centre in New Delhi has opened and started accepting applications from 23 rd October of 2008 and

lots of qualified people have applied under the green card scheme in various categories since then.
Many success stories are on its way with the unmatched quality service deliverance and help from Next World Immigration Associates. Many of our clients are expecting outcome of their files soon.

See if you qualify - FREE SKILLS ASSESSMENT

The Danish Green Card

If you can score enough points based upon criteria such as age, education, language skills, and work experience, you can obtain a three year residence permit under the Danish Green Card Scheme which will allow you to live and work in Denmark for up to 7 years. This is the first time that Denmark has volunteered outside the EU to look for skilled staff. The Kingdom of Denmark is positively looking to hire people from India and giving preference to Indians, because of the unmatched skills of the Indian Medical professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dentists and other paramedical professionals apart from the now already famous I.T work force from India.

The Positive List

There are many occupations in Denmark like Education, Information Technology, Medical, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Engineering occupations to name a few for which there is a shortage of qualified workers. If you have skills in one of these occupations, you can obtain a work and residence permit in very little time under the Positive List scheme Of Denmark. Follow the link The Positive list to see if your occupation and skills are in short

The Positive List is broken into a number of fields of work:

  • Academic Work (includes project management, engineering occupations, lawyers, doctors, and other professional occupations)
  • Construction
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Kitchen, Canteen
  • IT and Telecommunication
  • Management
  • Educational, Social and Religious Occupations
  • Sales, Purchases and Marketing
  • Health, Healthcare and Personal Care
  • Freight Forwarding, Postal Services, Storage and Engine Operation
  • Education and tuition
  • See if you qualify - FREE SKILLS ASSESSMENT

The Pay Limit Scheme

If you have a job offer from a Danish employer that pays more than DKK 375,000 (approximately USD 80,000), you are also eligible for a work and residence permit in Denmark under the Pay Limit Scheme.

In some cases you must obtain a Danish Authorisation to work in Denmark like registration for foreign trained and educated Doctors and other regulated occupations. The Doctors must get themselves registered from the Danish National Board of Health. Visit our office Barakhamba Road in Connaught Place, New Delhi to know more and to see if you qualify .

It is your own responsibility to obtain a work permit if you are required to. If you work illegally in Denmark, you risk deportation, and you and your employer risk fine or imprisonment.

Business Immigration or Self-employment in Denmark

Denmark also offers unmatched opportunities for people and companies who are looking to invest in the flourishing Danish economy. Initially you may get permission to start business in Denmark for 1 year and it may be extended on fulfillment of the conditions laid down by the visa officer at the time of granting the self employment rights. To be eligible to go as a business person, you must pay particular attention to the following conditions:

  • There must be particular Danish business interests related to the establishment of your business in Denmark.
  • You must present documentation that you have access to sufficient financial means to run your business.
  • Your presence and involvement must be vital to the establishment of the business, and you must participate actively in its day-to-day operation. If you have only financial interests in the business - for example, if you are a shareholder - you are not eligible for a Danish residence and work permit. See if you qualify - FREE SKILLS ASSESSMENT

Please see, Normally, you will not be eligible for a residence and work permit for the purpose of opening a restaurant or retail shop in Denmark.

Study in Denmark

Denmark also has equal opportunities for students. Because of its viscinity with Germany and Denmark being the member of the European Union, the prospects for students are as good as the UK. Please visit our office to get more details about the courses that you can do from Denmark and the Universities and colleges available.

There are three main categories of study which can warrant a residence permit:

  • Higher Education Programme
  • Basic and Youth Study Programme
  • Folk high schools

Hope, You will appreciate tha fact that education in Denmark comparatively costlier than rest of Europe. But, then the quality of education and the opportunities after finishing higher studies from Denmark is also great.

Tourist Visa

Denmark is famously known as the smiling country nad its people are very Happy. Apart from a famous capital of Copenhagen, Denmark has a number of destinations which are more than worth seeing. The various types of people from different backgrounds and the sheer beauty of Denmark makes it more than a a tourist destination for you and your family.

You need to go to see and feel the beauty of Denmark.

Of course, we can help you get a tourist visa and guide you on various other matters. So, Visit our office to know more about Denmark.

The information provided on this website is subject to change from respective government agencies.
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