5- Diseases Which Affects Your Australia Permanent Resident Visa & Temporary Visa

There are several types of medical reasons due to which your visa application may be denied. The Australian government and mankind keep your healthiness on priority and the condition of health of everyone who is willing to travel to the country either to stay there permanently or temporarily. In fact, your health and medical examination could be the basis of judgment for the approval or denial of an Australian Permanent Resident visa or temporary visa. It is one of the major concerns of the government when it comes to the welfare and security of its country people. But, there’s no hard and fast rule on the approval or denial of your visa application.

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Diseases Which May Bring Visa Refusal


Law foists bars to the entrance for persons with definite kind of physical or mental illness, specifically when it seems that the chances of harm to persons or property are higher or when an immigrant doesn’t have any financial support in the United States. Behavior associated with the disorder that may create or has created a menace to the property, safety, or welfare of the immigrant or to others in the public.


Your TB test results are must in the visa application process, specifically if you’re applying for a permanent type of visa. If on the other hand, if you’re appealing for a temporary visa, even then you may be asked to undergo the examination for risk management purpose.

• If the results of your chest x-ray prove that you are possibly infected with TB, you will be asked to undergo several health examinations to identify whether the disease is active or not.
• If it is inactive, you may qualify the health requirements, but you may be asked to sign a health undertaking. But if the virus is active, the department declines your visa application.

3>HIV and Hepatitis

These can only be a menace to the community’s overall health condition if you are infected with any of the communicable diseases and your purpose is to serve in the country’s healthcare system either as a doctor, nurse, dentist or paramedic and you tackle medical procedures where there’s a possibility of your blood getting in contact with your patient’s open tissue and contaminate his/her blood, if you have certain level of the virus in your system, then it is a matter of concern.
HIV test is mandatory if you appeal for a permanent visa and you are at least 15 years of age and you aspire to work in the healthcare industry.


Polio is also enlisted among the diseases that may be a threat to the public health. This is why the healthcare officials are keeping an eye on the disease. Polio is caused by a highly contagious virus that affects the central nervous system.
Australia may have effectively controlled the spread of the virus through vaccination campaign, but it is still recommended that appropriate measures be taken.

5>Yellow Fever

In the case of yellow fever, the department persuades you to provide an international vaccination certificate even if you are one year old, the spread of this dangerous disease is not only the concern of the Australian government but every country wants to take appropriate measures so that they may control the virus.

Your application may be denied if you have any of the communicable diseases. Even cancer may become a reason for your visa refusal.

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