5 Important Factors You Should Take Care While Writing the Perfect Partner Visa Relationship Statement

It is an immense process, to apply for an Australian spouse visa. You need to submit the correct documents along with the valid evidences supporting your relationship with the spouse.

Out of all the documents that you need to submit with your visa application form is the ‘statement of your relationship’ also called as ‘Relationship Statement’. When you are filling all the details in your form, make sure that you do not make any mistake. The statement of relationship varies from couple to couple, depending upon the length and nature of their relationship.

This article will help you to understand all the important elements that should be considered while filling your relationship statement form for partner visa application.

1. The date, place and time of meeting your partner for the first time

It is essentially important to clearly explain how, when and where your relationship began because the starting point of your relationship matters. The explanation should possibly be as simple as it can be so that it is easy to understand from a third person`s point of view as he does not know anything about your relationship.

Try to be honest with what you are writing. In case you are not sure of the particular date of a certain event of your relationship, do not mention it. If the information povided by you in your documents does`t match the verbal answers of you and your spouse then your visa might be rejected.

2. How your relation developed?

You need to tell the story of the development of your relationship, from day one till the present day, to the officer. All the mentioned events must be geuine and must validate your explanations in the letter. Thereby, everything you mention must be true.

3. Important events in your relationship

The visa department evaluates your partner visa. They want to make sure that both the partners support each other in good times and bad. So it is cardinal to mention all such events from your relationship where you and your partner stood together and supported each other mentally as well as emotionally.

4. Illustrating your household nature

In this section you need to illustrate your household criteria with your partner along with some evidence. You need to illustrate how you and your partner take care of the household chores which might include grocery shopping, dropping off kids to school, cooking food etc.

5. Does your friends and family know about your relationship?

A genuine and honest relationship always involves friends and family. If your family knows about your relationship then the department considers it more genuine and honest. It is worth mentioning the events where your friends and family must`ve contributed to any special events like birthday parties etc in your relationship. Such aspects make the statement more honest to the department officers.


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