5 Most-in-Demand Work Profiles in Australia With High Salaries

Australia is the tremendous place in the world to live and work. Also, the country is known as the land of opportunities. Ther are many profiles which are always in demand that attracted thousands of immigrants to apply for Australia Immigration and get the job. Here, we are listed 5 most in-demand profiles in Australia.

1> Civil and Structural Engineers: According to many published reports or surveys, the engineers such as civil, structural, mechanical and other such areas and those who are experienced are in enormous demand around Australia because there is the great number of infrastructure projects which require proficient and experienced workers. There is an escalation in demand of civil designers due to the rise in the development of the projects related to land development bridges and highways qualified surveyors are also required. However, the territory has just 400 registered surveyors, in the consequence of which supply is inadequate to satisfy the demand.

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2> IT Integrators/ Coordinators: IT is a sector where the demand of proficient workers is increasing supply in many areas, employers are more willing than ever to offer higher salaries to the employees. Candidates in greatest demand have strong technical skills and solid soft skills that enable them to engage proactively and successfully with non-technical stakeholders. However, searching candidates with a combination of these skills continue to remain a challenge for many employers and companies to look out for key talent.

3> Architects: Eastern states and South Australia needs architects for development projects that require planning and designing. Revit software skills are respected. In its report, Hays said employers were taking a number of initiatives to allure and retain employees. Employers are offering flexible working hours to the staff and opportunities to work from home along with offering great numbers of internships in order to recognize and establish entry-level talent prior to graduation.

Candidates, meanwhile, are looking to upgrade their skills in CAD and Revit and are seeking stability in career progression and they want to adopt strong design philosophy in their next role.

The Hays report comes as the latest figures from the Department of Employment showed architects are in great demand in Australia.

4> Professional practice accountants: Hays says employers need remarkable verbal and written communication skills, business acumen and the ability to engage with clients. If we talk about scope, the demand for accountants in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne is very high. According to a report released by CIMA, experienced financial accountants are in high demand in these cities, and the level of roles they are recruiting for may vary from newly qualified to those with a new experience.

5> Healthcare Case Managers:  According to information, Australia is modifying its policies on Australia migration for making sure that it would lure and retain foreign health professionals. Preference has been given to Medical Practitioners, Allied Health Professionals, and nurses to make sure that the adequate supply is being satisfied. They are offering higher salaries to all the proficient workers who are willing to migrate to Australia for the sake of better work opportunities


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