5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Study Abroad

Facing a dilemma whether it is better to study in India or Abroad?

You are not the only one. This question is a matter of concern for many students and their families as well.  On one hand, you have your comfort of living and studying in your own country and not having to leave your family and friends behind. While on other hands, the lure of the foreign degree, global exposure and many other benefits associated with career are equally tempting. Let us look at some important factors why you should choose abroad over India for higher studies.

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One of the best thing about studying abroad is an international environment where you get to meet people from all different cultures and background to share a new experience. You may discover differences that surprise you, but more likely, you’ll discover that people all over the world despite their different taste in food or clothing are surprisingly similar at their core.  Friendship exposes us to the fascinating differences and surprising likeness of the global human race, which helps you creating a global network of contacts which may be beneficial for you in future for your business. Among them could be the future chief executive of a major company in the industry you may end up working for. you never know when the contacts you make will prove useful in business.


Every teacher has his or her own style of teaching and as traditional teaching styles evolve with the arrival of modified instructions, more and more teachers are adjusting to their students learning ways or needs. Likewise wherever in the world, you end up studying, you would definitely encounter different styles of teaching which you are not used to, Every country follows their own tricks and techniques to educate students. So thinking about going abroad for further education is a great idea because it would expand your academic horizons and it would help you develop an ability to adopt new educational environments. Their teaching style focuses on academic discussions group, which helps students expressing their perspectives broadly.


You can mention the duration of study abroad on your CV because it’s more likely to impress hirers, who want to encounter the potential employee who’ve achieved things in the different country and actively developed himself as a person. So having some International experience would be beneficial for your career prospects. An international study reveals you to be the well-groomed person. Who can take on new challenges and broadens your ability to see things on the global level? In this age of internet business increasingly done on an international scale.


If you are planning to go abroad for further studies in a country where native language is not your own then it’s going to be a perfect opportunity for you to develop your language skills like never before in that country because language is the only source available to human race through which we can communicate or express our feelings in words. For example, you’re fairly good at English but you can speak it fluently so this would be the place where you will learn this skill on your own because this would be the only common language you could communicate in. so this would benefit you enormously being able to converse in English. you’ll hear all sorts of idioms that you have probably not been taught before. you will start to speak more likely an English person. You would be able to make a huge difference in your communication skills,  your pronunciation and vocabulary will come in on leaps and bounds.


Besides academic and career benefits of studying abroad, another major benefit is it allows you to visit new places in a different country. During your time off you can do some sightseeing and explore local places like museums, amusement parks. Some academies take their students on several day trips to interesting tourist places. it would be a great way for you to unwind yourself after a busy schedule or academic study. Wherever you choose to study it’s perfect opportunity to see a bit more of the world.

There is definitely a difference in the quality of education offered between India’s institutions and International institutions. There are various funding and scholarship opportunities available; its definitely a better option to go abroad for higher studies. The benefits of an international education are many and help you build a secure future.

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