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A number of people wish to settle abroad in countries like Canada and Australia. It is about their time, efforts, patience and savings to be able to immigrate abroad. With plethora of immigration consultancies, everyone seems to be boggled to choose the one that does not cheat the client and do the needful in right time. A lot of research is required to be done in order to trust an immigration consultancy. The clients have a lot to invest in, so their confusion is only understandable. Delhi has a lot of immigration consultancies but to choose the right one is a task in itself.

When applying for Canada and Australia migration make sure you do a thorough research on the company, its services and its success rates as well. Beware of the fraud immigration consultancies, those who have no intention to provide you the required facilities.

Here are certain factors to look upon before trusting any immigration consultancy:

1) Physical presence

Check the physical presence of the company. Visit the given address before investing your money into their services. A well established company would most probably be found in the same location from a long time, or at least from quiet some time.

2) Success Rate

You should check the success rate of the company`s previous cases. This you can do by simply visiting them at their office and asking for the list of the clients those who have gotten their PR for Canada and Australia.

3) Services offered

Ask for the all the services that the company offer in the entire process of application. Check if they are assisting you from step one till the completion of your process. These services includes:

– Case study

– Case analysis

-Technical Evaluation of case`s success

– Documentation assistance

– Visa application filing

– Post landing services

4) Payment schemes

The payment method must be as transparent as possible. Ask as many doubts as you can that you have in your mind about the whole process and a genuine company must clear all your doubts one by one. Check the asked amount with other companies, compare.

If you are looking for a genuine immigration consultancy then NEXT WORLD IMMIGRATION is the answer. We are transparent about the whole process with the client and we have been working at the same location from past several years. For Canada and Australia PR you can give us a call for a free counselling session.


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