Canada Dependent Spouse Visa: Stay Together With Your Loved Ones

In contemporary times, everyone is in a rush to achieve something or the other in their lives. Life gets busy and hard for everyone after the completion of studies. There is a lot to take care of after finishing college. You become responsible and your family expects you to get married. It is tough to stay in different time zones to that of your spouse once you are married. Fortunately, Canada offers a spouse visa, called Canada dependent visa, with the help of which you can invite your spouse to Canada. Your spouse need not clear IELTS for this. He/ she can study or work full time for as long as you have your stay in Canada. You shall get your study/work permit within 15 days of your arrival. You can also invite your children on a granted temporary visa. The processing time taken for a spouse dependent visa is less than other Canadian visas. You can seek a spouse visa consultant`s help for more information.

Given below are the upside of inviting your spouse to Canada:

1. You can get the spouse visa within 1 to 3 months.

2. Your spouse is free to work for full time according to his/her convenience.

3. The only pre-requisite to pass the eligibility test for sponsoring your partner.

4. Your spouse is not needed to clear IELTS.

5. The spouse dependent work visa is a simple process if handled with expertise.

6. The spouse can stay with you as long as your visa is valid.

7. The spouse can work as soon as they arrive in Canada.

8. No work experience is required to file for spouse dependent work permit.

9. The minimum age of spouse should be 18 years and the documents are required to be submitted as instructed by the experts.

Given above are the few reasons why Canada dependent visa is a big hit. In order to avail these above listed benefits, you need to provide the evidence of your marriage. You cannot invite your fiance on a spouse dependent work permit to Canada


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