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Are you qualified, proficient in specific skills and also keen to immigrate to a country like Canada? Cheering news for you! Under the Canada Skilled Migration Visa category, you can immigrate to Canada with ease. You have several wonderful options to choose from for Canada Skilled Migration.

Do you know? The main objective of the Canadian government is to promote Canada Skilled Migration and allure the proficient labor force via the Canada Skilled Migration Programme which will be an effective contribution to the nation’s prospering economy. Qualified employees, who settle in the country permanently, are specifically esteemed because of their large contribution in nation’s economy & the power of its workers.

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Canada Skilled Worker Migration schemes will help the aspirants to get an Immigration Permanent Resident Visa for Canada, and this will entitle them to relocate to the preferred destination with their family members.

For instance, if you are fulfilling all the eligibility criteria to submit an application under the country’s Federal Skilled Worker Class or if your preferred place to relocate is Quebec then Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP) could be the passage for you and your family, in case applicable.

Besides, in case you have already made up your mind, and know which Canadian province or territory is suitable for you. In that case, you can present an application via any of the different Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs).

To get a Skilled Migration Visa for Canada you need to secure points on some determined parameters and they are:

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Occupation
  4. Work experience
  5. English proficiency

Besides this, your occupation must be of skill type O, A, and B as per the National Occupational categorization (NOC) of Canada.

Skilled Worker Visa: A Trump Card

Canada prefers to invite skilled workers and so it has delineated the Points Based Immigration, called Express Entry, to prompt more and more Canada Skilled Migration.

Canada Skilled Migration provides you with innumerable benefits. A person obtained the Skilled Worker Visa for Canada gets the permission to become a Permanent Resident of Canada. Like the citizens, they can obtain employment and apply for the job without going under the process of Work Permit.

Permanent Resident Visa holders avail benefits like:

  • Free education for the children
  • Health insurance for the whole family.
  • They are free to move to different provinces.
  • They have the right to apply for the citizenship after 3 years with necessary conditions fulfilled.

Canada Skilled Migration Requirements of Application

  1. One must have at least one-year experience out of the 10 years in one of the in-demand occupations.
  2. Qualified English proficiency test with at least CLB7 (6 out of 9 in each band in the IELTS test).
  3. Highest points in the Express Entry to get selected from the pool.
  4. At least 67 mark out of the 100 points.

Time Duration to obtain Skilled Worker Visa

Earlier, it typically took a long time to win an approval under Canada Skilled Migration for a skilled worker visa. But now the online and speedy services of Express Entry the Economic class application for the Skilled Migration Visa for Canada is less time-consuming. You may look forward to having a visa within 6 months if Express Entry has been the way chosen by you.

What Factors Are Behind This Time Period?

The concerned officials from the Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires some time to judge your eligibility for a visa as they have to consider these factors.

  1. Acceptance of the application under one of the applicable categories.
  2. Applicants and accompanying dependents’ health clearance.
  3. Assets verification to successfully set up the family in Canada.
  4. Confirmation of no criminal record.

Canada Skilled Migration Visa is a substantial opportunity for educated and professional aspirants to obtain Canada PR VISA of the country and relish all the benefits!

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