Do You Know Your Social Media Profile Can Ruin Your Visa Dream? – Next World Immigration

Are you quite active on social sites and curious to obtain a visa to your dream place? Well, congratulations! You have just made the task of the visa authorities a lot effortless. All they have to do to identify if you are the right person to be given permit is checked through your profile and […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Tourist Visa Get Rejected

1) Misunderstanding the test for issuing a visitor visa A tourist visa (or temporary resident visa) application is necessitated from residents of few countries because the government of Canada considers citizens of those countries are more likely to overstay in Canada (that is, there is a probability that they will not go back to their […]

5 Incredible Places To Explore In Australia

Are you confused where to visit on a holiday? Then, choose Sydney if you are planning to go abroad so that you can spend mesmerizing vacations. Sydney is a prodigious Australian city and one of the best places to visit and to satisfy your wanderlust by spending a few days there.┬áThe city is consists of […]