Here are the 3 Best Provincial Nominee Programs in 2019

You must be familiar with the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) for immigration to Canada. PNPs are the immigration programs organised by Canada`s provinces, so that the candidates could be nominated for immigration to Canada. There are approximately 80 different PNPs, with different immigration requirements. PNPs are made to cover the bridge between the labour force and common people, so that some experienced and skilled immigrants could be brought in, with high demand occupations.

Majority of the PNPs require the candidate to have connection with the province through various means like previous work experience, job offer from an employer in the province or previous study in the province. But there are also some PNPs that are perfect for those living outside of Canada, who don`t have connection to Canada`s provinces.

The 3 Best PNPs for Canada Immigration for Year 2019 are:

1. Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker:

Saskatchewan`s International Skilled Worker PNP has been designed to bring workers those who are working in in-demand occupations, with some experience. Candidate must show experience in one of the jobs included on Saskatchewan`s In-Demand occupation list. The candidate must have completed a post- secondary educational credential of at least one year and have some proficiency in either English or French.

Saskatchewan International Worker has two streams those are for candidates outside of Canada. First scheme requires the candidate to have an active express entry profile to be able to apply. This scheme is called the Saskatchewan Express entry system.The Second scheme does not require an Express entry profile, also called the Saskatchewan Occupation In-demand stream.

2. Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream:

Ontario is one of the most preferred location by the newcomers due to its technology-job sector. It is one of the most popular destination for the immigrants. The province Ontario, has a lot of space for newcomers to accept through PNP streams. The candidates living outside of Canada can try Ontario`s Human Capital Priorities stream which is a nice option for them. The Human Capital Priorities stream prioritises the skilled immigrants those who can fill the positions of skilled employment in province. Human Capital Priorities is aligned with the federal Express Entry System. A candidate is supposed to have an active Express Entry profile with a CRS score of minimum 400 points, in order to be considered. Ontario scrutinises all the Express Entry profile and invites some candidates to apply for PNP. The criteria that Ontario uses has not been made public yet. If you are a candidate who can speak intermediate to advance french then French Speaking Skilled Workers program could be a great option for you. Ontario offers this PNP stream for skilled workers who have profiles in the Express Entry pool. Ontario has also announced to launch a new PNP stream for highly skilled tech-workers, the details of which are yet to be confirmed, but this stream could provide another excellent choice for immigration.

3. Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry – Category B:

Nova Scotia Demand – Express Entry is aligned with the federal Express Entry system which means that only candidates with active active Express Entry profiles are eligible to apply.

Nova Scotia Demand-  Express Entry has two categories. In category A applicants are required to have a job offer from a Nova Scotian employer, making it a challenge for most workers living outside of Canada. In category B connection to province is not required. For Category B it is required that the candidates must have experience in one of the province`s in-demand occupations.

Nova Scotia`s In-Demand List – This program could be a great option for you, if you have experience in one of Nova Scotia`s in-demand occupations. This program operates on a first come, first serve basis because of which it can be a tough task to get your application submitted.


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