How To Plan An Essay Writing Question? – Essay Writing Tips to Score High in IELTS Exam

There are majorly 3 types of essay topics.

1> Opinion oriented
2> Agreement or disagreement
3> Advantages or disadvantages

Structure or paragraphing of the essay plays a vital role in making the essay look effective and coherent. (Paragraphing)

1> Paragraph 1
Introduce the topic, State your viewpoint vividly
It is critical that a student mentions an introductory note on the subject matter of the essay. While doing so, it is important for a student state his viewpoint too. This brings forth a further clarity to your perspective.

2> Paragraph 2
This paragraph explains the major opinion that a person may hold. It needs to be written with the help of
well-linked sentences

3> Paragraph 3
This paragraph elucidates the other opinion a person may behold or the parallel stream of thought that the question states.

4> Paragraph 4
This paragraph include a gist of the essay. A culmination of viewpoint and opinions. The shorter the conclusion, the better.
Connectors to be use in the essay: Firstly/ primarily, Secondly, lastly, significantly, In addition, Additionally, Furthermore, Moreover, Similarly, consequently

Phrases to be used in the essay

1> Paragraph 1

  • In my perusal,
  • In my perspective,
  • In my opinion,
  • I concur to the statement in the question
  • I disagree with the contention
  • I decree the statement

The said concern is a debatable issue in the contemporary times

2> Paragraph 2
One of the most significant current discussions in legal and moral philosophy is
The primary concern is
However, there is increasing concern over
Illustrating the same,

For instance,
Exemplifying the statement,

3> Paragraph 3
The issue may be resolved if
Despite its safety and efficacy, X suffers from several major drawbacks
There have been few empirical investigations into
Paradoxical to above,
Contrasting to above
On the flip side
On the contrary

4> Paragraph 4
To gist up the essay,
In Terse,
To recapitulate,
To conclude, I would like to reiterate that


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