Wish To Get Paid High in Canada?- Here Are Some Degrees Which Are Highly Paid

Canada can be seen as one of the best options for one to graduate and earn a good deal of money. Canada is willing to provide study opportunities to the students from different countries and is also offering a number of jobs with a handsome amount of salary. Canada has world`s most highly regarded institutions. We`ll have a look at the degrees that these institutes offer along with their annual salary in this article.

Majority of the international students in Canada prefer to obtain the permanent residency and make the country their home. Luckily, the Canadian government offers simple ways to make that happen, so that students can work after completing their studies. International graduates can also apply for post graduate work permit after completion of their graduation so that they can gain Canadian work experience.

Top Five Degrees Leading to the Highest-Paying Jobs

The list given below shows the ranking of top ten Canadian undergraduate degrees based on average yearly salary in 2019 Canadian dollars

Degree Average yearly in Canadian dollars
1 Business or Management Sciences (MS) $120,000 – $125,000
2 Petroleum or Chemical Engineer $105,000
3 Finance $103,500
4 Pharmacy $102,300
5 Software Engineer $90,001

Important to consider alongside highest-paying salary, is the availability of related employment immediately after schooling. The best choices of jobs according to the current market scenario are in the computer science field. The computer science sector has a lot of jobs to offer to young talented people from all across the globe. If your interests align with the same sector then you can explore study and immigration options in Canada. Canada is focusing on providing more and more opportunities to skilled immigrants and inviting them to the country to boost there economy.


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