Top 5 Reasons Why Tourist Visa Get Rejected

1) Misunderstanding the test for issuing a visitor visa

A tourist visa (or temporary resident visa) application is necessitated from residents of few countries because the government of Canada considers citizens of those countries are more likely to overstay in Canada (that is, there is a probability that they will not go back to their home country).

As an outcome, the main question arises in the visa officer’s mind while reviewing such an application is this: “whether this person will return to his or her own country when the visitor visa expires?”

The evidence you submit should be able to prove your case that you will definitely return after your visitor visa expires.

There are of course other factors, such as the ability to support yourself financially in Canada (which you should prove through bank statements or an invitation letter discussed below), inadmissibility, and so forth.

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2) You submitted only the documents on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada checklist

As a recap, here are the documents that CIC requires for a typical visitor visa (though keep in mind documents can vary depending on your location and other circumstances)

  • Photocopy of your return ticket and/or travel itinerary
  • Proof of financial support
  • Any additional documents required by the local visa office

Do you believe these documents will be enough to prove your case to the visa officer? Perhaps, but in most of the cases, perhaps not.

Often, submitting only those documents are not enough to make your case strong that you will return to your home country after your visit. Generally, it is wise to submit as much evidence as you can beyond the minimum required by CIC.

3) You could not submit evidence of all of your connections to your home country

Many applicants do not utilize the time to mention all of their links to their home country, and the evidence to prove it.

For example, obvious connections are things like their jobs and property You must include copies (get them translated by a certified translator if necessary) of lease agreements to property or contracts that identify you as a permanent employee, your detailed employment letters and the length of your employment, your detailed role at the company, and when you are asked to return to your employment.

4) You failed to submit affidavits to support your application

Sworn affidavits are considered to be the evidence. If you have friends or family who can support your mentioned claims of connections to your home country (for example), then you must get swear affidavits from them to attach with your application.

An affidavit is much stronger than a basic support letter, as there are legal repercussions for swearing a false affidavit, which makes them much more effective than support letters.

5) Your invitation letter was too brief.

Being a part of your reasons for coming to Canada, or to prove that you’ll be having food and lodging in Canada, it is clever to get an invitation letter from your relatives (or friends) residing in Canada to support your application.

However, the letter should not be too short. It must be detailed and surely state that this individual will provide free food and lodging (if that is the case) to you during your entire stay in Canada.

It must include your full name and birth details and also confirm the travel dates during which you will be in Canada.

More than that, it is necessary that the invitation letter must be signed by the individual, and contain an active phone number and residential address in case CIC wishes to confirm this person’s intention and details.

Like any other immigration application, there is no assurance of success, but avoiding these 5 common mistakes will increase your visa approval rate.


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