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Canada has ensured that Indian students persistently keep migrating to this country for obtaining the higher education with the easier study visa standards established by it for Indian students. These students can obtain the admission, with a 6.0 IELTS band score.

Besides this, the competent applicant won’t have to wait for long times to get the visa. Their visas will be allotted to them within 7 weeks but earlier it was 60 days. Although this initiative now has reduced the processing time for the visas of the Indian students, the aspirants need to show the financial amount required during their Canadian educational stay. This amount should not be anything less than 10,000 CAD. The aspirants can even apply for education loan from the bank so that they can fulfill their dream of studying abroad without any hurdles.


  • The students should already have received the acceptance letter for admission from the university or institute.
  • The tuition fees amount for the 1st year of the university should have been paid out by the applicant.
  • The students may secure admission into both SPP and non-SPP colleges through this program.
  • The score in IELTS exam required in admission to colleges as per the SDS study route is higher. It is higher than it was before. However, the average of 6.0 is still acceptable but a band score can’t be less than 6.0.

In accordance with the latest reports, there are innumerable Indian students who are pursuing higher studies in Canada right now. Almost 1, 00,000 students from India are studying presently in this country. Canada is alluring foreign students because after the completion of degree they can avail the benefit of work permit.

Although the Canada study visa application as per the student direct stream route (SDS) will require lesser inconvenience for students, there are some limitations without fulfilling which the students may apply for the SPP colleges. However, a student can obtain the post-graduation work permit, which is only applicable if the admission is taken in an SPP college and not in an SDS college. Obtaining the study permit through the SDS is not mandatory and it depends on the choice of the student. All the SDS colleges are not inadequate for the grant of a PGWP to the student.

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