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New Zealand Spouse Visa Consultant

New Zealand Spouse Visa

Many people already settled in New Zealand wish their close family to join them, and family members, relatives living abroad, wish to go to New Zealand to be close to their relatives. You may apply to go to New Zealand to live if you are sponsored by a family member who is already a New Zealand citizen or resident.

If you are a partner of a New Zealand resident and wish to move to New Zealand to join your partner, you will need to apply for residence in New Zealand. Your partner must be a New Zealand citizen or resident, and be eligible to sponsor you.
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Are you eligible to apply for New Zealand Spouse Visa?

If we talk about New Zealand spouse visa then you need to fulfill one of the below relationship criteria. It can be one of three relationships:

1> A legitimate marriage; or

2> A cordial union (whether opposite or same sex); or

3> An authorized relationship (whether opposite or same sex).

In all cases, the relationship must be factual and steady. The relationship must be genuine and it should not be used as a weapon to get through the visa process.

Requirements for New Zealand Spouse Visa

The following criteria must also be met and is commonly referred to as a supporting sponsor:

1> One of the partners must be a New Zealand citizen or should be resident on pr visa.

2> If the partner is a New Zealand resident by virtue of previously receiving permanent residency under a partner visa scheme, 5 years must have elapsed since this happened. Furthermore, they also may not have supported a previous application under the New Zealand partners category.

3> If the New Zealand partner attained permanent residency under a visa other than a spouse visa and they have not sponsored any other applicant in the last 5 years under the New Zealand partners category.

4> The New Zealand partner must not have been in a domestic violence case that resulted in someone getting permanent residency under the domestic violence law in the last 7 years.

5> The New Zealand partner must be able to fulfill the specified character requirements.

What are the essentials that Immigration Office would be looking at?

There is a fourfold test which forms the foundation on which an Immigration Officer will make their verdict. It is in all cases that New Zealand immigration officer would analyze whether the partnership qualifies all the terms and conditions laid down under the law of New Zealand spouse or partner visa. The immigration officer is required to collect and examine all the proofs, such as documentation and interviews, Immigration officer would get satisfied only when the given elements are met.

1> Credibility- the applicant and partner both should be credible in the evidence they show

2> Living together –both of them should be living together at the time of application.

3> That the relationship is genuine – the reasons for getting into and remaining in the partnership are genuine.

4> That the partnership is stable – the partnership is confined and of a long-lasting nature.

Some Other Useful Information

1> If your partner’s New Zealand residence is on the basis of their Australian citizenship, Australian permanent residence or resident return visa, you can only file for a spouse of a New Zealand resident visa if your partner lives in New Zealand.

2> If your partner is a New Zealand citizen and both of you have been living together in a relationship outside of New Zealand for 5 years or longer, you would be eligible for a PR visa. Your partner will need to be either overseas when you register or have been back to New Zealand for less than 3 months.

3> As an applicant for the New Zealand spouse or partner visa you will also be required to meet;

  • a> The health requirements.
  • b> The good character certificates requirement.

  • Dependent Child Sponsorship Visa

    If you want to go and join your New Zealand parent or you may already be in New Zealand and wish to be reunited with your child. You will need to apply for residence in New Zealand. Your parent must be a New Zealand citizen or resident and be living in New Zealand.

    Parent Sponsorship Visa

    If you want to go and join your New Zealand child or you may already be in New Zealand and wish to sponsor your parent. If you are a parent and wish to move to New Zealand to be close to your child or children, you will need to apply for residence in New Zealand. Your child must be a New Zealand citizen or resident, and be eligible to sponsor you.

    Brother, sister or adult child

    If you want to go and join your New Zealand brother, sister or adult child or you may already be in New Zealand and wish to sponsor your brother, sister or adult child. You can only sponsor them on a tourist visa or if your brother or sister is eligible for immigration on the basis of points system, then blood relation points could be awarded to the intending immigrant of the New Zealand Citizen as per Immigration rules. Meet us for a free consultation and See if you qualify - FREE SKILLS ASSESSMENT
    (Note that your sponsor must have been a New Zealand or Australian citizen and/or the holder of a Residence Permit or a Returning Resident’s Visa for at least three years immediately before the date your completed application is received by Immigration New Zealand.)




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